Rising Stars Shine at Fusion TTC National Cadet League Competition: Young Talents Steal the Show

The National Cadet Table Tennis League saw more than 48 players competing over 4 weekends. The league is a grass root competition aim at young players under the age of 15, looking to experience a competition early on in their career. The Event held at Fusion Table Tennis Club in South Bermondsey, attracted 12 teams and over 48 players from across London.  We want to thank the players, organisers, coaches and parents who took the time to make competition a success.

The final day of the National Cadet League was at Fusion TTC in the South Bermondsey, on Sunday 10th March 2024.  The competition in this region unfolded with exciting matches, leaving onlookers in admiration of the exceptional skill displayed by table tennis players. The competition was fierce, the energy was intense, and the young talents left an indelible mark on the competition.

Division One Dominance: Fusion Table Tennis Club Triumphs

In an exhilarating display of talent, Fusion Table Tennis Club’s young trio – Robert Coe, Lalu Awosika, and Yat Yin Sean Cheng – emerged victorious in Division One, each winning 100% of their matches. Their dominance was unparalleled as they swept through all their matches with a commanding 9-0 victory in each, securing the gold medal.

Evan Muk Yin LAW of Cumberland TTC 1 put up a valiant effort but ultimately settled for the runner-up position in this highly contested division. Evan finished the weekend with 66% win rate.

Results – Division one – https://ncl-njl-fusion.ttleagues.com/league/2933/division/8238/results

Division Two Thriller: Oaks Table Tennis Club Claims Victory

Division 2 witnessed a nail-biting competition, with Oaks Table Tennis Club from West London emerging triumphant. Dominic Cotier & Michael Hill were standout players for The Oaks, helping them to  secured the top spot with a three-game lead, showcasing their determination and skill.  Crusaders from South London closely followed as the runners-up, ensuring a tight competition that kept everybody on the edge of their seats.

Results – Division Two – https://ncl-njl-fusion.ttleagues.com/league/2933/division/8236/results

Cumberland Shines Again in Division 3: TTC 2 Takes the Crown

Division Three saw Cumberland TTC 2 clinching victory with a five-game lead over the resilient Fusion TTC 4 team. Estelle Domingo, who achieved 83% wins, led the Fusion TTC 4 team with commendable support from Calen Dawson and James Aggawal. The spirited competition in this division demonstrated the depth of talent in these young players.  However, congratulations go out to Cumberland TTC 2 who are now the division 3 champions.  They were led by the dominate Lucas Sabbag Secron who achieved a100% record, winning 9 out of 9 matches.

Results – Division Three – https://ncl-njl-fusion.ttleagues.com/league/2933/division/8237/results

Player of the Day: Harper Cole

Amidst the remarkable performances, Harper Cole stood out as the Player of the Day. His exceptional effort, outstanding performance, and commitment to fair play earned him this well-deserved accolade. Cole’s dedication to the sport was evident, leaving an impression that will likely inspire his peers.

Positive Feedback from Spectators, Coaches and Participants

Parents, coaches, and players alike expressed their satisfaction with the well-organised event. They commended the organisers for providing a platform where young talents could showcase their skills and put their practice into action. The day was not just a competition but a celebration of grassroots table tennis, fostering a sense of community and camaraderie among participants.

As the final day of the National Cadet League concluded, it became clear that the future of table tennis is bright with these young stars rising through the ranks. The commitment, sportsmanship, and skill displayed by young talents promise a thrilling future for the sport.

Triumph as Larry Trumpauskas Leads Fusion Squad to Glory at Senior National Qualifiers”

In a thrilling showcase of skill and determination, Larry Trumpauskas emerged victorious at the Mark Bates Ltd Senior National Championships Qualifying Tournament on January 7, 2024, securing the top spot with a resounding 3-0 victory over Ben Piggott (12-10, 11-7, 11-7). The 16-year-old sensation from Bermondsey, South London, etched his name in the annals of table tennis history, conquering the men’s competition without dropping a single match.

Larry Trumpauskas

Larry’s incredible journey through the tournament saw him vanquish formidable opponents such as Ben Piggott, Joe Sawyer, Ralph Pattison, and Jakub Piwowar. The sheer dominance displayed by Trumpauskas showcased not only his technical prowess but also hinted at a promising future for this young prodigy.

Meanwhile, Rohan Dani, Larry’s teammate from the Junior British League team Fusion, demonstrated remarkable prowess by securing a commendable fourth place. Despite being edged out in a closely contested semi-final against Ben Piggott (3-2, 11-9, 9-11, 11-4, 10-12, 11-8), Dani’s performance showcased the depth of talent within the Fusion squad.

The Fusion TT training squad boasts numerous compelling narratives, with perhaps none more inspiring than the resurgence of Paralympian Aaron McKibbin. Regularly attending Fusion Advanced training sessions, McKibbin’s determination to qualify for the Senior Nationals in Nottingham this March paid off in spectacular fashion. The three-time Olympic Gold medalist overcame last season’s disappointment, securing the 9th spot with notable victories against Adam Dennison, Ashley Faceyp-Thompson, and Jakub Piwowar.

Aaron Mckibbin

Aaron McKibbin’s triumphant qualification is not a solitary feat; he will be joined by other Fusion qualifiers Saskia Key, Shaquallie Webb-Dixon, and Mya Sultan. The Fusion contingent is set to make a formidable impact at the Nationals, representing a fusion of skill, dedication, and diversity.

Elevating Fusion’s presence to new heights, the squad’s strength extends beyond individual victories with the automatic qualification of two outstanding players based on their top 16 rankings among England’s elite. Tianer Yu and Lorestas Trampauskas, through their consistent and impressive performances, have secured coveted positions at the upcoming Senior National Championships in Nottingham.

Saskia Key

However, as the curtain fell on the qualifiers, some notable players, including Robert Pelc, Tiana Dennison, and Abbey Hurley, unfortunately missed the cut this time. Their absence adds an element of anticipation for the next competition, as the table tennis community eagerly awaits their resurgence and redemption on the national stage.

Mya Sultan

The Senior Nationals in March promise to be a captivating spectacle, with Larry Trumpauskas, Rohan Dani, Aaron McKibbin, and the Fusion qualifiers poised to deliver exhilarating performances and elevate the sport of table tennis to new heights

The Senior Nationals take place from March 24-26, at the David Ross Sports Village in Nottingham.

The Big Match – Fusion V Ormesby

British League Premier Match

Fusion v Ormesbey


Saturday 2nd December 2023

Get ready for an electrifying clash as Fusion Table Tennis Centre gears up to face the league leaders, Ormesby Table Tennis Club from Middleborough, in what promises to be a showdown of epic proportions. The Fusion Table Tennis Centre will be buzzing with excitement as fans gather to witness a spectacle of skill, strategy, and pure adrenaline.

Rising Stars in Fusion Team

The Fusion Table Tennis Club boasts some of the brightest young talents in the sport.  Leading the charge for Fusion is none other than Shaquille Webb-Dixon, currently ranked 17th in England, will be showcasing his incredible skills on the table, promising an exhilarating performance. The English Junior International, Larry Trumpauskas, is set to make his mark in his second home match of the season, bringing his raw talent and passion for the game to the forefront.

Joining the ranks is Robert Pelc, a student at Nottingham University, whose dedication to the sport and academic pursuits epitomises the Fusion spirit. Together, this dynamic team is poised to deliver a table tennis experience like never before.

Star-Studded Ormesby Lineup

Ormesby have the Spanish international sensation, Enio Mendez. Known for his lightning- fast reflexes and unmatched finesse, Mendez is set to dazzle the audience with his mesmerising strokes. He’ll be joined by the seasoned ex-pro player, Sam Maybe, whose wealth of experience brings a strategic edge to the Ormesby team. The formidable duo will be supported by the ever-reliable Graeme Barella, adding a touch of veteran wisdom to the lineup.

Morning Warm-up Event – 10am

Gear up for an action-packed morning at the Fusion Table Tennis Centre as the Fusion Junior team faces off in a return match against Sparta Table Tennis Club from Bromley. With a score to settle after a summer defeat, Fusion is eager to reverse the tables in a showdown that kicks off at 10 am.

Fusion Junior Seeks Redemption

The morning promises intense rallies and thrilling exchanges as Fusion Junior aims to redeem themselves against Sparta Table Tennis Club. The Fusion youngsters are determined to showcase their growth, skill, and determination on the table, setting the stage for an exciting encounter.

Joseph Bell Brings Nottingham Players for a Morning Showdown

Adding to the morning buzz, at 10 am, Joseph Bell will lead a group of players from Nottingham in a friendly competition against Fusion Club members. This pre-main event clash is set to be a fun-filled affair, fostering camaraderie and sportsmanship among players.

Join the Morning Fun Before the Main Event

The Fusion Table Tennis Club invites you to be part of the morning excitement, starting at 10 am. Witness Fusion Junior’s quest for redemption against Sparta and enjoy the friendly matches between Nottingham players and Fusion Club members. It’s a perfect warm-up before the main event kicks off at 2 pm.

Morning Schedule:

  • 10:00 AM: Fusion Junior vs. Sparta Table Tennis Club
  • 10:00 AM: Friendly matches between Nottingham players and Fusion Club members

Witness the Fusion: Where Passion Meets Precision

Fusion Table Tennis Cub  is not just a team; it’s a community of individuals united by their love for the game. The Fusion Centre is more than a battleground; it’s a stage where passion meets precision, and dreams are realised one rally at a time.

Make sure to grab your spot for this unmissable event. Whether you’re a seasoned table tennis enthusiast or a newcomer to the sport, Fusion promises an unforgettable afternoon filled with intensity, camaraderie, and the thrill of competition.

Date, Time, and Venue:

Date: 2nd December 2023
Time: 2:00 PM

Venue: Fusion Table Tennis Centre, Unit 2 Stockholm Road London SE16 3LP

Don’t miss out on the action – be part of the Fusion frenzy as they take on the league leaders, Ormesby Table Tennis Club. Get ready for an  afternoon of skill, strategy, and heart-pounding excitement. Fusion Table Tennis Centre invites you to witness the fusion of talent, teamwork, and triumph. See you at the table!

Morning Schedule:

  • 10:00 AM: Fusion Junior vs. Sparta Table Tennis Club
  • 10:00 AM: Friendly matches between Nottingham players and Fusion Club members

Afternoon Schedule: British League Premier Match 

  • 14:00 PM: Fusion TTC v Ormesby TTC – 
  • 17:00 PM: Fusion Club Open Practice  (5PM to (PM)


Intermediate – Adult Table Tennis Coaching

Elevate Your Game with Fusion Table Tennis Club’s Intermediate Group Coaching!

Are you ready to take your table tennis skills to the next level? Fusion Table Tennis Club presents:

Intermediate Group Coaching

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Time: 9:00 AM – 11:00 AM
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What’s in Store:

Advanced Techniques: Dive into spin variations, precise placement, and expert shot selection.
Enhanced Consistency: Master the art of consistent play, vital for competitive success.
Effective Strategies: Develop tactical approaches to outplay your opponents.

Session Fee:
Introductory Cost: £18 per session
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Why Choose Fusion Table Tennis Club?

Suitable Facilities: Enjoy your training in a twelve table, and inviting environment.
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Whether you’re fine-tuning your skills or aiming for the next level, Fusion Table Tennis Club’s Intermediate Group Coaching is your pathway to improvement, camaraderie, and success.

We can’t wait to welcome you to our sessions! Join us for an incredible table tennis journey.

For more information, visit us at www.fusionttc.co.uk

Women’s Tournament & Celebration of Women’s Premier Champions

Double Triumph: Fusion Women Premier Champions

Women’s Teams Dominate British League 2023

Fusion Table Tennis is delighted to announce a double triumph for their women’s teams in the highly competitive British league. The Fusion Table Tennis Women’s Team not only secured the prestigious British League Championship for the 2023 season but their second team also emerged victorious, clinching the 1st Division title and potentially earning promotion to the esteemed Premier Division. This extraordinary achievement highlights Fusion’s commitment to excellence and dominance in the sport.

The Fusion Table Tennis Women’s Team has etched their names in history by becoming the only women’s team in London to win the British League in the past 15 years. Their exceptional skills, relentless determination, and remarkable teamwork have propelled them to the pinnacle of success. This feat not only inspires their fellow athletes but also cements their position as role models within the table tennis community.

To celebrate this momentous occasion, Fusion Table Tennis invites players, enthusiasts, and supporters to join them on July 15th for a grand celebration. The event will not only commemorate the women’s team’s championship victory but also recognize the outstanding accomplishment of their second team’s promotion to the Premier Division.

The highlight of the celebration will be a Women’s Tournament (Click here for entry form) where players of all levels can showcase their talents and compete for glory. Whether you’re a seasoned player or new to the sport, this tournament offers an exciting opportunity to engage in friendly competition and experience the thrill of table tennis at its finest.

Additionally, an Awards Presentation will honor both Fusion Women’s Teams for their remarkable achievements. Witness the crowning moment as the British League Championship trophy and the 1st Division winners’ trophy are proudly presented to the teams, acknowledging their exceptional performance and dedication.

As the day unfolds, the festivities will continue with an enjoyable evening filled with delectable food, refreshing drinks, and a lively atmosphere. This is the perfect occasion to forge new connections, celebrate the Fusion Women’s Teams’ achievements, and revel in the camaraderie of the table tennis community.

Save the date, July 15th, and join us in celebrating Fusion Table Tennis Women’s Teams’ double triumph. Let us come together, applaud their remarkable accomplishments, and share in the joy of their success. This event promises to be an unforgettable experience, combining thrilling competition, inspiring achievements, and the sheer love for the sport of table tennis.

Fusion 1 Ladies are the Champions of the British Premier Division!

In an unforgettable season, the ladies played a total of 10 matches, winning 7, drawing 1 and losing only 2. This outstanding performance secured them the top honours in the league.

Tianer Yu and Maria Engelson were standout players for the team, finishing the season with an impressive 80% win record. Their talent and teamwork have been instrumental in securing the championship title for Fusion 1 Ladies.

The hard work and dedication of the entire team have paid off, and they can now enjoy their well-deserved victory. Congratulations to the Fusion 1 Ladies on their remarkable achievement!