New Bermondsey Sports Foundation

Fusion Table Tennis Club takes great pride in its association with the New Bermondsey Sports Foundation (NBSF), a charitable organisation dedicated to promoting grassroots sports development within our local community. NBSF’s support for Fusion Table Tennis Club is made possible through the collaboration with Renewal, the visionary developer driving the regeneration of New Bermondsey.


The day-to-day management of Fusion Table Tennis Club involves substantial costs, and NBSF plays a pivotal role in supporting our programs. The foundation generously provides rent-free warehouse space, which, with NBSF’s backing, has been transformed into our central hub and home venue, The Fusion Table Tennis Centre, located at Stockholm Road SE16.


Originally established in the South London, Fusion Table Tennis Club, with NBSF’s assistance, has successfully expanded its reach to include all sections of the community. The Fusion Table Tennis Centre, officially opened in 2014, has become a catalyst for exponential growth in the club, earning recognition as one of the leading community Table Tennis clubs in England.


The collaboration between Fusion Table Tennis Club and NBSF epitomises a strong and mutually beneficial partnership. NBSF’s mission to provide world-class sports facilities aligns seamlessly with Fusion Table Tennis Club’s commitment to delivering a robust and resilient table tennis program deeply embedded in the local community. This shared ethos emphasises the importance of being nationally recognised while remaining closely connected to the community. With the active engagement and support of NBSF, Fusion Table Tennis Club is steadfastly progressing on this path.


In addition to our commitment to sports, Fusion Table Tennis Club is proud to be actively involved in the local community. Our support for the Surrey Canal project underscores our dedication to community development and engagement. Through initiatives and partnerships, we contribute to the enhancement of the local area, ensuring that the positive impact extends beyond the boundaries of the Fusion TTC.


Furthermore, Fusion Table Tennis Club is devoted to promoting inclusivity and recognizes the ongoing need for continuous development. Our dedication extends to supporting individuals from various backgrounds, economic circumstances, as well as those living with dementia and players on the autism spectrum. To ensure accessibility and sustained growth, our programs and facilities are carefully crafted to embrace and welcome everyone, promoting a strong sense of community. We actively seek to provide a supportive environment that is not only tailored to individuals with diverse needs but also emphasises access to community resources, developing an environment that encourages ongoing growth and engagement.


In summary, Fusion Table Tennis Club, in collaboration with NBSF, continues to build on its legacy as a leading community Table Tennis club. Our commitment to community development, inclusivity, and excellence in table tennis is evident in our partnerships, programs, and the welcoming environment we strive to create at Fusion TTC.