Silver Medals – Mya & Shaquille

Mya Sultan and Shaquille Webb-Dixon both saw Silver as they finished in second place of the The Mark Bates Ltd National Championships Qualifying Tournament which was held at the weekend, at David Ross Sports Village in Nottingham.

Fusion TTC had a host of players participating in the Men’s and Women’s singles. Fourteen Men’s and Women would qualify from a field of top class competitors.

After two days battling, we now that the following Fusion TTC players have qualified.

Shaquille Webb-Dixon (In Second place)
Mya Sultan (In Second place)
Larry Trumpauskas (In Fourth place)
Joshua Bruce (In 9th place)
Saskia Key (In 12th place)

Click on the list below for a full list of qualifiers,


The Senior Nationals take place from March 24-26, at the David Ross Sports Village in Nottingham.