Women’s ETTU cup

European Table Tennis at Fusion

Friday & Saturday 9th/10th September 2022

We are hosting the ETTU Cup where 4 teams are competing to become champions.

We have Fusion TTC (ENG), Onisilos Lakatamias (CYP), ASV TT Südtirol (ITA), Uniao Sebastianense F.C (POR) playing this weekend for a spot in the next round.

This level of competition is a step higher than the Europe Trophy, so we will see and even higher level of table tennis today and tomorrow.

It’s free to watch and we will be serving food and drinks so come on down and watch. Fusion will need as much support as possible. You’ll be able to see Elena Tordica, Danielle Kelly, Tiana Dennison and Tianer Yu playing this weekend.

Match starts at 7:30pm today.

The match details are om the link below